EU supports Ukrainian border management agencies in securing their operation

Friday, July 8, 2022


The European Union through its project “EU Support to Strengthening Integrated Border Management in Ukraine (EU4IBM)” has handed over personal protective equipment, including helmets and ballistic vests, to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine for a total worth over EUR 977,000.

“In the face of the unprovoked and unjustified aggression by the Russian Federation, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine demonstrated uppermost dedication to ensuring the security of borders as well as the orderly exit of millions of Ukrainian citizens escaping the scourge of war. Providing personal protection for border guards is among our top priorities since for the EU people are at the core of all that we do”, said Xavier Camus, Head of the Good Governance and Democratisation Section at the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

Since late February 2022, the European Union, under the EU4IBM project, has been providing a range of urgent help to assist the operation of border management agencies in Ukraine. The project delivered a number of life support supplies, such as meals ready to eat and first aid kits, as well as other equipment worth around EUR 300,000 to both the State Border Guard Service and the State Customs Service of Ukraine. More procurement is underway to respond to the needs of the agencies, including diesel generators, cameras, etc.

“Integrated border management is key to secure, fast and proper management of travellers and goods crossing the borders. The new reality calls for better tools and practices to manage the unprecedentedly intensive border crossing between Ukraine and its EU neighbours as well as to respond to new security challenges at other borders of the country, and we stand there for Ukraine to focus on the most critical and urgent needs”, commented Arunas Adomenas, EU4IBM Team Leader.

The integrated border management in times of war addresses not only security and life support needs but also adaptation of trade flows and facilitation of economic exchanges in a critical situation when Ukraine’s economy suffers from hostilities and blocked maritime routes. Thus, EU-funded projects, including EU4IBM, assist the Ukrainian government in analysis, facilitation of contacts, and improving the border infrastructure and procedures to help keep the country’s economy afloat.

Background information: The project “EU Support to Strengthening Integrated Border Management in Ukraine (EU4IBM)” funded by the EU and carried out by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). It supports the implementation of the reforms approximating the border management system of Ukraine to the EU standards and best practices in line with the Integrated Border Management Strategy of Ukraine.

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The EU4IBM project team includes international technical assistance professionals and subject matter experts from Ukraine and the European Union who work on a daily basis to support the border management agencies of Ukraine in the time of war, as well as to further assist in the implementation of national reforms that bring the Ukrainian border management system closer to the standards and best practices of integrated border management. Support our work by sharing our official page on social networks

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