Challenges for IBM in the wartime

The Russian military aggression against Ukraine dramatically intensified migration flows and transborder mobility in the attacked country.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner estimated that the number of Ukrainians fleeing the hostilities would reach 4 million people. However, the real scale turned out to be even more striking: the forecasted number was achieved during the first month; and now the Office are talking about potential 8 million displaced abroad by the end of the year.

This analytical note discusses the key challenges faced by the Integrated Border Management (IBM) actors in the face of this intensified cross-border movement as well as the solutions they apply.

The publication is created in the framework of “Multicomponent Civic Support for IBM-related Reforms” project implemented by Europe without Barriers think tank within the framework of the project “Multicomponent Civic Support for IBM-related Reforms”, implemented by the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), and funded by the European Union.

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The EU4IBM project team includes international technical assistance professionals and subject matter experts from Ukraine and the European Union who work on a daily basis to support the border management agencies of Ukraine in the time of war, as well as to further assist in the implementation of national reforms that bring the Ukrainian border management system closer to the standards and best practices of integrated border management. Support our work by sharing our official page on social networks

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