Certification of Ukrainian scanner operators helps facilitate EU-Ukraine trade

Thursday, November 30, 2023


In November 2023, twenty-three officers of the State Customs Service of Ukraine were successfully certified after completing tailor-made courses on the use of Rapiscan mobile cargo scanners. The training was facilitated by the EU-funded “EU4IBM-Resilience” project.

The on-the-job training targeted two groups: experienced customs officers already familiar with the Rapiscan Eagle scanner, and novices who acquired basic skills of its operation. The training sessions combined theory and hands-on exercises, allowing for the immediate use of new techniques of efficient scanner operation. Thus, the participating customs officers practiced scanning and analysing the shipments of sunflower seeds, wheat middling, kitchenware, pipes, and other commodities that make up the bulk of daily Ukrainian exports.

In an era where international trade is vital, and security concerns are on the rise, the EU4IBM-Resilience Project continues to offer training opportunities for customs officers. By investing in their professional growth and expertise, we foster secure and sustainable transborder trade and contribute to Ukraine’s economic growth”, notes Arunas Adomenas, EU4IBM-Resilience Team Leader.

Ukrainian Customs uses Rapiscan Eagle, a non-intrusive mobile cargo scanning system, to ensure quick examination of goods without unloading or unpacking. This technology expedites the procedure and helps to make a decision on whether to carry out further detailed control. However, despite its advanced features, detection of violations heavily depends on the ability of operators to properly analyse images within a limited time. They have to assess quantities, physical attributes, density, and contours of goods, and identify irregular items within vehicles or containers.

After completing the basic operator course, one trainee stated, I feel confident in my ability to capture high-quality X-ray images and effectively scrutinize them for signs of smuggled goods and other irregularities.” The participants of the re-certification course noted that for them “the training offered new valuable insights into identifying potential risk factors with better precision, which will eventually streamline inspection processes and lead to faster clearance of legitimate shipments”.

The Rapiscan Eagle operator certificates issued to participants at the end of the training attest that they are now well-prepared and equipped with the most up-to-date expertise and skills, and are poised to navigate the complexities of the challenging cross-border trade environment while maintaining the highest levels of safety and security in the context of war.


Background information: The project “EU Support to Strengthening Integrated Border Management in Ukraine –Resilience (EU4IBM-Resilience)” is funded by the EU and implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD). The project is aimed at building the resilience of the Ukrainian border management agencies during wartime, as well supporting further reforms to approximate the border management system of Ukraine to the EU standards and best practices in line with the Integrated Border Management Strategy of Ukraine adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers on 24 July 2019. The project runs from December 2022 until May 2024.


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