Ukrainian Customs Officers Master EU Risk Management and Profiling Techniques

Wednesday, November 29, 2023


What information does a customs official need to identify a consignment that can carry smuggled goods? How to decrease the time of customs clearance of legal items? What role in assessing the risk of violation at the border does technology play? Answers to these and many other questions were discussed on 29 November during the online workshop on risk management and profiling.

Facilitated by the EU-funded “EU4IBM-Resilience” project, the event provided a platform for experts of the Customs Criminal Service of Lithuania to share their innovative approaches to upgrading the risk management tools and technologies, as well as risk profiling methods.

Twelve representatives from the Risk Profiling Department of the State Customs Service (SCS) of Ukraine participated in the workshop. A substantial part of the training focused on the practical demonstration of good practices adopted and applied by EU Member States. Customs experts discussed working methodologies, shared lessons learned, and showcased successful implementation cases.

Lithuanian representatives underlined the significance of creating a comprehensive set of risk indicators in the profiling process. They highlighted the need for gathering, analysing, and assessing relevant information to establish a risk profile tailored to different asset types — whether goods, documents, or vehicles.

Participants of the webinar actively engaged in discussions about coordination and approval protocols for risk profiling. They explored ways to effectively adjust and implement the best practices of the EU member states during customs control at the Ukrainian border.

Post-workshop, the EU4IBM-Resilience experts are expected to evaluate the Risk Management and Profiling training program at the SCS Training Centre. The aim is to offer recommendations for any necessary updates and enhancements, ensuring the program aligns with the latest standards and practices.

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